Sunday Special: The Momos and Samosas Analogy

Folks, let's do some serious brain scratchin' and try to work out this sum-

In a village of 50 people,there used to be 2 shops. One sold "momos"and another "samosas".

Among those 50 people,30 of them liked "momos"and 20 villagers liked "samosas".

Some days later,another new "momo"shop opened in that area. Now the people who liked "momos"got divided.So,there was 15 customers in the 1st "momo"shop,15 in the 2nd and the "samosa"shop had the usual 20 customers.

Ultimately, which shop had the most numbers of customers?

The question now arises, who opened the 2nd "momo"shop?
Was it someone else? or was it the owner of the "samosa" shop with the intention to divide the customer of the 1st "momo"shop?

Please feel free to let your mind "run wild"with speculation.

Bishal Gurung, TheDC


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