A Cow Lover In Haryana Gives His Daughter A Cow As A Wedding Gift During The Marriage

People spend days in deciding what gift they should give to their loved ones as a wedding present. A man in Haryana has surprised all by gifting a cow to his daughter during the `nikkah' (marriage) at Kharkhodda village of Sonipat district.

According to Times Of India, Noor Khan, father of the bride, said his daughter loved cows and used to offer bread and jaggery to any cow that she came across. "Once my daughter Gulshana even urged me to keepone at our house, but I could not do so due to lack of space," said Khan.

The indulgent father, however, promised to give his daughter a cow as a wedding gift. He kept his word on Monday by gifting her calf of a desi breed, which costs anything between Rs 11,000 and 15,000.

Talking to mediapersons, Gulshana said she was happy that her father fulfilled his promise. "I consider cow as a sacred animal and will not compromise on its well-being at my in-laws' house," said Gulshana. Dinesh Kumar, a close friend of Noor Khan, lauded the move.

He said, "The government launches several welfare schemes related to cow protection but these fizzle out. We spend a lot of money on social functions like weddings and birthdays, but giving cows in a marriage is a good initiative and should be followed by everyone."

Praising the initiative, Sant Gopal Dass, who was one of the invitees at Gulshana's wedding, said religious scriptures espouse communal harmony. Dass, who has participated in several protests to protect cows, said if a Muslim family could gift a cow during wedding, others too should follow suit and cut down on wasteful expenditure.


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