2nd Fire Incident Today Morning - Heat Reduces a Bullet to Ashes at Darjeeling More in Siliguri

A biker on his way at Darjeeling More in Siliguri suddenly applied breaks to his bullet when he saw fire just below the petrol tank.

Immediately he put the stands and got off the bike. The fire slowly grew and engulfed the bike completely. Locals first tried to control the fire by throwing sand over it but failed. Fire Brigade was informed which soon arrived and put off the fire. But it was late by then, the bike was completely reduced to ashes.

Our member Niladri spoke with the biker who said "Bro, I have no idea how it happened. I saw fire in the bike and immediately stopped it and got off."

Sources say as mercury level is rising in Siliguri, petrol tanks should never be filled full and speed too should be kept normal. Please do SHARE this information with others.

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