Friday, 14 April 2017

116 bottles of smuggled liquor brought from Sikkim worth 70 thousand destroyed in Nepal this week

Nepal Panchthar District Police Office destroying smuggled liquor from the adjoining Sikkim on April 12, 2017. Photo: Laxmi Gautam

The Panchthar District Police Office in Nepal on Wednesday destroyed 116 bottles of liquor, which was banned in Nepal and was smuggled from India.

Police had seized the liquor worth Rs 75,400 from assorted locations of the district in Nepal.

The liquor distilled in and smuggled from Sikkim and is popularly known as Sikkime raksi (Sikkim Alcohol)

The District Police Office chief from Nepal Nahakul Pokhrel claimed that the alcohol had been seized by the police patrolling different parts of Nepal district's including Prangbung, Sidin, Memeng and Changthapu, adjacent to West Bengal and Sikkim.

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