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It’s a tough world. And it is tougher if you are an introvert; and being one I always had difficulties expressing myself.
Writes: Dolly Thapa, Founder TheCakeBoxLady
...But baking gave me a medium; to not only express my thoughts and ideas, but also to create something that brought joy and happiness to every one’s life, including mine.  Through my cakes, a father expresses his undying love for his daughter; a young girl expresses her first love; newly married couples celebrate their union and I gain more than they do, because I gain blessings, good will and lots of love.
I would describe myself as someone who is an old soul, slightly shy, but brave. Brave enough to make a choice of leading a life that is different from others. Here I chose my passion over any secured job, my love for baking over any salaried comfortable life. And it has started to pay off today, because I believed in myself.
By the year end of 2015, I started THECAKEBOX; with the idea to be independent not just financially but to have a freedom of expressing myself. It is important for every individual, especially girls, to realize their passion and their strengths. Challenges will always be there, be it societal or personal, but never giving up is the key to proceed and one day fullfill your goals in life. I have a long long way to go, but each day is a stepping stone. And the more I see women conquering the world, the more inspired I feel to wake up each day and bake something beautiful, create something new.
“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” ―  Erin Hanson
THECAKEBOX offers all kinds of customized cakes and desserts, from melt in mouth chocolate brownies to very pretty cupcakes, with over 15 flavors in offer I love to spoil my clients with an array of sweet indulgences. I have cakes and desserts for every occasion. My goal is to wow the customer with cakes that not only look great but also taste incredible - And everything is homemade with immense love and care.
I worked for couple of years when I was based out of Bangalore, in companies like Myntra and the US based giant Target, well paid jobs, comfortable life, but that never gave me joy. I was never satisfied. I moved to Siliguri in 2013 and this city readily welcomed me with open arms. I was charmed by the hustle of the city, the cosmopolitan environment, the positive energy of the youths; and I decided to stay back.  And it was the best decision of my life, because Siliguri has so much to offer, to explore, to make mistakes and be forgiven; everyone gets a space here, everyone finds their foot hold here, and if some ones having a bad day, a CAKE really can fix everything.
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Contact : 7384709625
(Exclusive Interview by ILoveSiliguri. If you too are from Siliguri or nearby town and have done something unique or achieved something do contact us on our Facebook page or email at


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