Sikkim vehicle stolen from Siliguri recovered in Nagaland - 3 women, 2 men arrested

The SK Sikkim Number plate has been replaced by NL Nagaland Number plate by the robbers.

Said vehcile was tracked and seized at Nagaland - Manipur border by both state police joint operation on 4 March.

Recall the special two operation team of Sadar Police Gangtok was constituted in entire operation unto seizure of stolen vehcile.

The said vehcile was stolen on 23 Feb when group of people hired for Siliguri , somewhere in Siliguri driver was drugged and left unconscious.

Next day on 24 Feb driver regained conscious , his vehcile was stolen and he immediately lodged FIR of missing vehcile at Bhaktinagar PS, Siliguri.

The main accused Ravi is still at large however 2 men and 3 women are arrested.

Police Team and Nagaland Police Team with the stolen Toyota Crysta Tourist Vehicle at Nagaland.


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