I do not believe in a religion that restricts people from loving one another: Mamata Banerjee

Hitting out at Bharatiya Janata Party,West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, while speaking in a public gathering, said she does not believe in a religion that restricts people from loving one another, on Tuesday.

Speaking in favour of religious tolerance, Mamata said: I do not believe in a religion that restricts people from loving one another rather believes in one that enables to love ones own religion and respect others.

Mamata,who was present at a host of administrative meetings in Jaipaiguri on Tuesday,did not spare BJP for spreading religious intolerance in the state.

Our culture is to live with all people irrespective of religion, she said.

BJP has earlier alleged the Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal for appeasement politics.

Rejecting such allegations, TMC supremo urged people and said: Do not indulge any religious temptations.Our constitution speaks for a secular country. TMC is not a communal political party.

Earlier on Tuesday, Mamata expressed her concern for ban on meat shops across the state of Uttar Pradesh by newly elected BJP government, on twitter.

We are concerned about recent happenings in UP. People are afraid many are scared about differences over caste, creed religion she said in one of tweets.

Apart from religion politics, Mamata spoke against the central government for non-cooperation.

Our government wants to do a lot of things for people but we could not because of the interests we have to pay for the debts taken by our previous government (Left Front government). Moreover central government doesnt help a bit, she said.

CM even criticised BJP led central government for not fulfilling the promises made before Lok Sabha election in 2014.

Mamata alleges that central government did not acquire seven tea gardens in North Bengal which they had promised before.

They (BJP) say one thing before the election and do something else after TMC chief added.

WB CM is currently in North Bengal for a two day visit over administrative works.


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