23 yrs married woman dies in Siliguri due to doctors negligence after giving birth to a baby girl

Another alleged case of medical negligence came in front in Siliguri at one of the most reputed Nursing Home.

A house wife from Aurobinda pally area of Siliguri died after giving birth to a baby. The family members of the house wife including her husband Mr. Debobrata Dutta informed to the police and press that gross negligence has taken place by Dr. Mitra.

Wife of Debobrata Dutta Mrs. Pamela Dutta (23yrs) was admitted on 14th feb the Nursing home for delivery. On 15th feb the operation has been carried out and patient has given birth to a baby girl. How ever after 2 hours massive bleeding starts after the operation.

After 4 hours again the patient is taken for 2nd O.T without informing patient party. Later the family members came to know from doctor that her kidney is not functioning due to infection of bleeding.

But doctor said to keep her in observation for 48 hrs as this is not a major issue and patient will be all right by them.

Next day on 16th feb when patient party visits the nursing home they saw patient's urine has completely stopped and multiple organs were dis-functioning and no medical treatment and no consultation of senior doctors had been taken by them.

When patient party argued for this negligence they discharged the patient for better treatment.

Then the patient was taken to a private clinic at Matigara for further treatment where the officials of that hospital told them there were very less chance to survive but still they admitted her and with proper ventilation they did 10 dialysis till 5th March.

But on 9th March the patient died. The police officials has taken a general diary and said that after medical investigation F.I.R. will be taken. 

Now the patient party wants justice for this wrong treatment by Dr. Mitra.

The deceased family met ILS today and have shared the above news with us. Earlier they have shared this with the press and local channels and all have published the news.

We will share the name of the nursing home and doctors full name once police accepts the FIR.


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