Your Day Today - February 11, 2017



Feb 11, 2017


A personal venture is perfected and finished to your satisfaction today. Avoid mental tension or stress, which can lead to health problems. Take your time to act upon sensitive issues and delicate matters that need revision an assessment.

Feb 11, 2017


There is completion and success in business projects that you started a long time ago. You establish financial and professional stability which leads to further opportunity. You feel happy and relaxed as personal relationships are loving and supportive.

Feb 11, 2017


Meditation and inner tranquility bring peace. It is best to flow with the river of life than against it. Don't allow your mind to worry and think negatively about too many things. You are not about to make compromises or accept restrictions and limitations at home or at work even if that causes conflict and chaos.

Feb 11, 2017


It is best time to relax in personal relationship, take one step at a time in professional situations and think positively. Great care in some things is counterbalanced by equal disorders in other today. Learn lessons front past mistakes and get on with your life.

Feb 11, 2017


Personal relationships and equations have a special note of tenderness and intimacy. Family and friends are supportive and add sparkle to your social life. Health problems need to be attended to and resolved or they can linger for a long time.

Feb 11, 2017


Earthy issues can be restricting and binding today, it is best to deal with them clearly and swiftly. Financial transactions can be delayed so conserve your resources today. You are left with mixed feeling of success and failure as some business projects get successful and others are blocked.

Feb 11, 2017


You support relatives who need you and can be generous to a fault. You realize the futility of gain and spend therapeutic time in meditation. Be ready to have a new vision and a positive outlook as new experience and opportunities await you.

Feb 11, 2017


You realize success, prosperity and wealth gained through business acumen and professional expertise. Despite completion, devotion to creativity and hard work has to be continued. It is best to avoid a heavy or serious attitude in personal transactions.

Feb 11, 2017


Fun and hospitality are enjoyed with family and friends today. You attract the right people and opportunities that take you in a progressive direction. With quite authority you win many a battle at work and at home.

Feb 11, 2017


You feel inspired to share your creative energy, experience and special skills to achieve a common goal at work. Beware of a revengeful and domineering woman in the family as she takes offences without good cause. Be gentle and caring when expressing hard truths.

Feb 11, 2017


You will be confident, intense and individualistic in professional matters taking decisions swiftly and clearly. Love and romance are on the chart; your heart will get the true picture today. Avoid an older woman who is unreliable, shy and cruel.

Feb 11, 2017


You are much on demand today, which make an impact on some well known personalities and interesting people. Your head and heart pull you in different directions when it concerns family, children and close friends. One cycle of your life is completed and you enter a new one at the end of the day.


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