Threat posters trigger panic in Jalpaiguri

Few warning posters, put up by unknown persons, have triggered scare among the locals in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal since last week, reports said.

According to reports, the posters were seen at several locations in Jalpaiguri district, where it was written that anybody could be kidnapped while walking on the lonely streets.

"These posters have been published in Bengali, where they wrote: Sabdhan, Dinkaal valo na. Poth cholte cholte hothat korei hote paren opohoron! (English meaning: Caution! Recent time is not good, you could be abducted anytime while walking on roads)," Raja Majumder, a local resident of Jalpaiguri city, told IBNS.

"I think these posters contain fake warning, but witnessing such posters at different areas on a daily basis is obviously triggering panic," the man added.

However, local administration has claimed that someone or some people are putting up such rumour-posters to spread scare among general people.

"I will appeal to the local people not to fear about it and not to listen to such rumours," a senior official of Jalpaiguri district police told IBNS.

"We are suspecting that one or few persons are doing this to make fun by spreading rumours," the officer added.

However, police have started investigation into the matter, while none has been booked or identified so far.

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