Your Day Today - January 7, 2017



Jan 17, 2017


You will be focused on your professional front and every opportunity will be addressed. There will be a focus on your home front also and you will attend to domestic matters willingly. Matters related to far away land journey is also foreseen. Lucky Number 6 Lucky Colour Magenta

Jan 17, 2017


You will enjoy a favorable day; there will be ample scope to address your potential. Opportunities will surface all of a sudden and unexpectedly. Try to address them. If you are jointly working with someone, it would be wise to hold the reins in your own hands tightly. Lucky Number 9 Lucky Colour Maroon

Jan 17, 2017


Your partner or associate may suddenly take a wrong turn and create confusions, be careful. Plan well and show your capabilities at your professional front and you will find that your endeavors have a great chance of success. New ideas and creativity are also on the chart today. Lucky Number 1 Lucky Colour Blue

Jan 17, 2017


The stars will help you to address your potential and communicate with success with the world at large. Those who are in the media will have beneficial time, report on time. Love and romance has a rosy glow, evening will be full of entertainment. Lucky Number 5 Lucky Colour Violet

Jan 17, 2017


You will appear optimistic and amiable to all around you. There will be a happy feeling all through the day. Destiny is with you and there will be a peculiar sense of optimism within you. Lucky Number 8 Lucky Colour Brown

Jan 17, 2017


You will have ample scope to address your potential and will emerge as a clear headed individual. If you are in the artistic field, there will be plenty of creative juices flowing freely to keep you moving. Domestic matters also have a rosy glow. Lucky Number 2 Lucky Colour Crimson

Jan 17, 2017


You will be more assured of your own capabilities and opportunities that are in the offing. The entire day may see you making an effort in consolidating your recent activities. You will be happy and emotionally feel secure today. Lucky Number 3 Lucky colour Black

Jan 17, 2017


There are a few cautions for you. Do not be overconfident or over critical about any matter. You should maintain routine and keep your eyes and ears open and attentive. If thoughts revolve around changes do not try and fan them right now, give sometime. Lucky Number 7 Lucky Colour Lemon

Jan 17, 2017


You will enjoy good physical stamina. New friends and team activities are well favored. Matters related to your personal life will have a sense of urgency attached to them. Family members may demand too much and you may have to maintain a good balance in this sphere for the sake of peace and harmony. Lucky Number 9 Lucky Colour Green

Jan 17, 2017


You will feel quite energetic and in active pursuit in two areas of your life. Primarily, profession and money and secondarily, occult and spiritualism. There will be a new glow in all matters concerning your progress in life. Lucky Number 1 Lucky Colour Saffron

Jan 17, 2017


Things that frightened you in the past will cease to do so any more. You will enjoy confidence and an amiable atmosphere will boost your activities. Your actions and inter-actions both at work front and home will be productive. Lucky Number 8 Lucky Colour Grey

Jan 17, 2017


Life will flow easily but not without obstacles, so have patience. Come to your own strategy now as you will surely be helped by the stars. Your time frame is favorable where relationships are concerned. So, you must try to set right what has gone sour in the recent past. Lucky Number 2 Lucky Colour Lemon


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