Your Horoscope today - Dec 16, 2016



Dec 16, 2016


You are likely to benefit through your adaptability in all situations on the professional front today. Therefore, you are sure to be the recipient of raises and financial bonuses. Today a reunion is in store for you on the romantic front. Yours Lucky Colour is Violet Yours Lucky No. is 6

Dec 16, 2016


Do your best in the workplace and your bank account will show the lucrative results of your commitment and ingenuity today? You can expect a visit from a long-lost romantic partner or someone you had a secret crush on for a very long time. Your health overall is in a good condition, but it`s the minor aches and pains that you have to do battle with today. Yours Lucky Colour is Indigo Yours Lucky No. is 4

Dec 16, 2016


Your work will go well, but if you want to increase your turnover, you need to advertise. This will be the key to improving your prospects and paving the way for great developments in your career sector. Maintain a healthy eating regimen today to keep stomach upset at bay. Yours Lucky Colour is Yellow Yours Lucky No. is 9

Dec 16, 2016


Lay out your strategy and target your audience carefully and you will really see the pay off soon. A visitor will take you by surprise and make your heart skip a beat. Don`t miss this opportunity to catch up with this person and see if the sparks will still fly. Stretch and do light exercise to alleviate any symptoms and don`t worry about any larger problems, as your health issues are temporary. Yours Lucky Colour is Light Red Yours Lucky No. is 9

Dec 16, 2016


Today is a day you will be thinking of indulging yourself in something luxurious. Do not let your imaginary fear hamper your aspiration and ambitions. Constant worrying can lead to health problems, so remind yourself that you are in good physical condition. Yours Lucky Colour is Peach Yours Lucky No. is 3

Dec 16, 2016


You are doing very well with your finances right now. Perhaps jewellery is on your mind today. Today there are indications that you will face any opposition at professional front. You are quite practical, but still love the finer things in life. Yours Lucky Colour is Dark Grey Yours Lucky No. is 5

Dec 16, 2016


You can pamper yourself today on financial front, but be sure not to go overboard and break the bank. It would be in your interest not to take others for granted today. You should act diligently to keep people`s faith in you alive. Yours Lucky Colour is White Yours Lucky No. is 4

Dec 16, 2016


Today is a day to focus your attention on what you want from your relationship. Today also promises success for those who take advantage of an opportunity to exhibit their creative talent. Don`t get pulled away from the books for too long due to distractions as your studies are much more important. Yours Lucky Colour is Lemon Yours Lucky No. is 6

Dec 16, 2016


Do something different today to enhance creativity. Do not be baffled with the wide range of options available in front of you. Communicate your wishes to your partner and reap the positive rewards. Yours Lucky Colour is Light Pink Yours Lucky No. is 1

Dec 16, 2016


Some of you will find yourselves confused about your line of profession and may rethink your strategy today. Projects that have been delayed for quite some time now will finally pick up speed and will start to move quite quickly with the help of a senior. Right now you want some time alone with your partner, simply to relax in each other`s arms. Yours Lucky Colour is Lavender Yours Lucky No. is 7

Dec 16, 2016


It may be wise to seek a consultant`s guidance in respect to professional front. Self-indulgence and lavish spending burn a hole in your pocket, so be careful. If you are looking for love then you should keep your eyes and options open today. Yours Lucky Colour is Brown Yours Lucky No. is 1

Dec 16, 2016


Due to an excessive amount of stress and perhaps a slight fever, you may find yourself bothered by headaches. Be a little patient where work is concerned, and try your best not to let it reach a point of high stress so that you can alleviate situation as best possible. Today your disposable income will go towards gadgets and electronic goods. Yours Lucky Colour is Magenta Yours Lucky No. is 8


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