Your Day Today - December 31, 2016



Dec 31, 2016


Family tension should be taken seriously. However avoid unnecessary worry because it will only cause mental stress. Try to sort out with the help of other members as early as possible and pamper yourself to cope with the stress. However extreme caution is needed to bring the gains on expected lines. Your Lucky Colour is Silver Your Lucky No. is 2

Dec 31, 2016


Today use your energy to innovative new ideas to make extra money. Show your true character to partner, as befooling would only complicate and weaken the relationship. Those who are in the field of public relations will have a very hectic day. Your Lucky Colour is Green Your Lucky No. is 4

Dec 31, 2016


Creating linkages would raise expectations and build win-win situation for you. Feeling of jealousy deprives happiness. You must therefore avoid it at all costs for the sake of your health. Family life could face some setbacks as you misuse personal relations to fulfill your expectations. Your Lucky Colour is Grey Your Lucky No. is 6

Dec 31, 2016


Monetary losses are certain if you overspend on shopping, reserve your expenses. You find yourself in the spotlight when your assistance to someone is publicly acknowledged. This is the reward for your loyalty and ability to get things done with perfection. Your Lucky Colour is Magenta Your Lucky No. is 5

Dec 31, 2016


You need to spend according to your budget. Exceeding budget would only imbalance the monetary position. Romantic life could face a testing time when it is publically known. Computer professionals will have to spend longer hours in office. Your Lucky Colour is Blue Your Lucky No. is 3

Dec 31, 2016


Some of you might have to travel for a special assignment. Enjoying the work would enable to cope up with the pressure. Focus attention on holistic approaches like yoga, meditation and naturopathy to enjoy benefits. Do not poke your nose in family affairs otherwise it would invite their anger. Your Lucky Colour is Violet Your Lucky No. is 1

Dec 31, 2016


Investing surplus amount in real estate would help in strengthening financial health. Some friends might try to mislead by giving false information. However it would be in your interest to be careful against those secret enemies. Don’t forget to collect all pending dues to improve monetary position. Your Lucky Colour is Brown Your Lucky No. is 8

Dec 31, 2016


You are likely to enjoy the company of a kind-hearted person whose polite behaviour would attract you. Developing close friendly relations might finally turn it into a romantic affair. Don’t allow yourself to be taken for granted. Your Lucky Colour is Crimson Your Lucky No. is 8

Dec 31, 2016


Marketing professionals should take special interest to equip themselves with new skills. Attending a seminar would help in enhancing knowledge. Financial position improves as you get some unexpected monetary gains either from foreign transaction or major government contracts. Your Lucky Colour is Cream Your Lucky No. is 7

Dec 31, 2016


It will be a good day for fresh ideas for future developments and enhancing career prospects. Negative thinking would today bring undue mental tension affecting happiness. Better to charge your body with positive thinking to live a happy and content life. Your Lucky Colour is Lemon Your Lucky No. is 7

Dec 31, 2016


It is a very good and promising day to give priority to family life. You should take some time out of your busy schedule and spend it with your kids. This would enable you to bring peace & harmony at domestic front. This will also give children an opportunity to experience the joy of family life. Your Lucky Colour is Purple Your Lucky No. is 9

Dec 31, 2016


Today you should keep in mind that your losses are certain if you do not look at investment from all angles. Your long pending legal matter that was a constant source of worry might go in your favor. Romantic life is eager to engulf you provided you pay heed. Your Lucky Colour is Black Your Lucky No. is 9


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