Your Day Today - December 28, 2016



Dec 28, 2016


Today you are very likely to just sit back and relax after some hectic recent days of partying and socializing. Spend quiet time with your family today, sitting around the house and chatting. Even these quiet times create great bonds within families. Reflect upon your recent days with the friends who have come to visit. 6 Emerald

Dec 28, 2016


Today you find that a social contact has unexpectedly become an important and strategic professional contact for you. Use the relaxed nature of your relationship to build rapport and strengthen the possibilities for a professional association. You may find yourself participating in many activities with your loved ones. 9 Red

Dec 28, 2016


Your unconventional ideas help you to carve out a niche of your own. When others seem to be sure of their ways, perspectives and conclusions, you prefer to follow your own instincts. You may participate in a family function today that you will enjoy immensely. 7 Maroon

Dec 28, 2016


Today you may find that you are somewhat upset by the improper behavior of others around you, perhaps in your home or in your office. You should not get drawn into any unnecessary drama but instead focus on your own duties and leave the drama to others. The line between power and ego is very thin and you must ensure that you do not end up misusing what you have worked hard to achieve. 8 Violet

Dec 28, 2016


You are in a position of strength and wield considerable power today. Although this may give you a high, remember that with more and more power comes added responsibility. If your relationship with a loved one seems like it has been a bit strained then today you may see it start to even out. 5 Purple

Dec 28, 2016


Do not fall into the trap of following the trends in order to choose a career path. Pursue only what you aspire to while keeping your aptitude in mind. Nevertheless, with hard work and passion you can excel any field. Build your foundation strong for a success. 1 Pale Yellow

Dec 28, 2016


Try to avoid all forms of discord on the home front today. If you have a tendency to bring your work problems home with you, try to change this habit for the benefit of those in your home. This day may begin with some frustrations, but it will end with a feeling of great satisfaction. 4 Lemon

Dec 28, 2016


Your patience and perseverance will have a significant effect on those around you and difficulties will disappear and obstacles will vanish. There may generally be peace in your home but that peace may be a bit fragile if you let your temper get out of hand. Treat everyone with respect today and you will get the same in return. 3 Saffron

Dec 28, 2016


Embrace the day with open arms as it turns out to be a positive and dynamic one, most of all regarding your efforts at promoting self or business. Word of caution for those who intend to sign an important deal involving a cash transaction as the good looking deal might just not reap the desired results. Nothing but success awaits you and your efforts throughout the day. 5 Orange

Dec 28, 2016


Jobs / services fare pretty well and might as well leave you with reasons to be happy about. People in love remain happy throughout the day with romance in the air. Family matters draw your attention asking for being granted a priority status while work maintains a more or less low profile. 2 Blue

Dec 28, 2016


A bright and positive day mixed with some streak of worry to bother you at the same time. It could be just anything that you could get worried about. Express your romantic feelings openly to your partner as it's a favorable day for romance. 2 Pink

Dec 28, 2016


The day does not seem to be your best one, pull up your socks to tackle it properly. A general dissatisfaction in your outlook and a distracted mood throughout the day may keep you mentally busy. Imagination / socializing are in top gears, speeding away in full glory. 4 Burgundy


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