Your Day Today - December 25, 2016



Dec 25, 2016


Let your mind relax as much as you can. Your low energy keeps your important issues pending while you retract into a shell. Expenses / money matters might also become a cause of concern, but take it easy it's just a matter of one day. You will be in a philanthropic mood today exuding generosity at all levels. 9 White

Dec 25, 2016


Businessmen / people employed in jobs enjoy a progressive day and reap some or the other benefit. A next-to-perfect day for you! There is a possibility of gains and unexpected income. A promising day for people in love-go out and be as romantic as you can. 2 Red

Dec 25, 2016


A truly dynamic and positive day for all your work related matters. All that you do today in your work environment is likely to fetch desirable gains. Social occasions bring you equal happiness. 1 Yellow

Dec 25, 2016


Your career will get a boost, you never know if you are in for a promotion or a good offer comes along. If married, you will experience bliss at home as your spouse will be in a happy and supportive mood. On a social front also, the day leaves behind good trails. 8 Indigo

Dec 25, 2016


If you are planning to initiate an ambitious project today, go ahead as today is a highly favorable day for it. A positive day with good returns for people employed in jobs and in other professional areas. If you have waited long enough for a romantic or social outing, make sure you fix them up for today. 4 Orange

Dec 25, 2016


It is a somewhat slow day for most of the matters. You might be drowned in thoughts, anticipating an event which might not even happen at all. Overseas news could be upsetting while most of your major work gets postponed. 3 Purple

Dec 25, 2016


Hurdles and minor irritants might pop up from nowhere and delay your work. You are likely to postpone productive works for some other day. Not a good day to be indulged in an important meeting / journey etc., so better reschedule your commitments and fix them for some time later. 7 Pink

Dec 25, 2016


Today is the lucky day for businessmen and traders as they can earn good profit. Your spouse will stand by your side and be a reason for your smile. Social occasions will be fulfilling too, meetings related to it will yield good results. 1 Saffron

Dec 25, 2016


You will be in a competitive mood today leading to favorable outcomes. The aggressive approach you follow today might leave behind your adversaries far behind from where you are. A passive day which will be more focused on planning rather than actions. 6 Green

Dec 25, 2016


Today, you will be over indulged in planning which may hinder your work. Hum your favorite romantic melody as romance keeps you preoccupied. However, your children could take the center stage today seeking your attention. 2 Grey

Dec 25, 2016


It is a day of over commitment making your mind worried on account of some reason or the other. You will feel a constant botheration throughout the day. It is better to reschedule your important issues for some other day to avoid making wrong decisions. 5 Blue

Dec 25, 2016


Your concerted efforts towards a particular goal require outside help. Shifting to a better location is foreseen for some. Check out what you eat or else stomach problems can trouble you. 3 Brown


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