Your Day Today - Dec 21, 2016



Dec 21, 2016


Today all pending legal battle ends on a compromise thus saving a lot of money and legal formality. The investment made in the past would bear fruits. At the same time you are certain to gain through speculations or unexpected gains. Today is a very auspicious day for giving and receiving gifts from those you love. Your Lucky Colour is Indigo Your Lucky No. is 7

Dec 21, 2016


It is time for you to appreciate each others achievements and rejoice success. If you are interested in making more money then put your savings into conservative investments. In an occasion friends and relatives would extend a helping hand. Your Lucky Colour is Orange Your Lucky No. is 9

Dec 21, 2016


There are Chances of facing a disappointment when you discover that someone that you have always trusted is not very honest with you. Today you need to be very cautious with whatever you do or say. It is a very good day to balance intake with more water with beverages. Your Lucky Colour is Pink Your Lucky No. is 8

Dec 21, 2016


Unexpected support from a partner in business will lift your spirits. It is a wonderful day to enjoy the company of spouse as you plan to spend time with the family. If trying to find new ways of generating extra income then the best viable option for you could be to invest in jeweler and antiques. Your Lucky Colour is Red Your Lucky No. is 1

Dec 21, 2016


The day will bring safety and prosperity in professional matters. Taking the help of an experienced colleague would save you from cheating. Further his guidance would enable to generate a new source of income. Your Lucky Colour is Emerald Your Lucky No. is 3

Dec 21, 2016


You are likely to find yourself standing up against the family pressure with courage & fortitude as you are blessed with a new vision. The feeling of taking revenge on romantic partner would only disappoint you. Chances that it would fail to serve you in any way. The best solution for you is to keep your poise and convey true feelings. It would help and strengthen the bond. Your Lucky Colour is White Your Lucky No. is 2

Dec 21, 2016


It would be highly necessary for you to observe traditions and come up to expectations of your family by following truth, values and keeping your priorities. Hectic day waits for marketing executives, you will need physical stamina and discipline today. Investment concerning your residence can be profitable as you decide to purchase a new plot. Your Lucky Colour is Yellow Your Lucky No. is 5

Dec 21, 2016


You might find family front a little disturbing, as children fail to act to your liking. Long term gains will improve your financial position, concentrate on investments. Falling in love today would make you realize that it is not an easy path. Your Lucky Colour is Turquoise Your Lucky No. is 7

Dec 21, 2016


There may be Chances that even in the company of friends you might feel lonely & alone today. It would teach you the lesson that sharing life with someone is a major emotional change. At the same time you will have to prepare yourself to suffer the agony of separation. However on the whole life would appear lively & enjoyable. Your Lucky Colour is Purple Your Lucky No. is 6

Dec 21, 2016


Keep a vigil in the business to save yourself from cheating. There are chances that partners would try to take undue advantage of your dealings. Keep yourself away from pollution especially air. You need to know that constant exposure to air pollution could cause problems to the lungs of even healthy persons. Your Lucky Colour is Lemon Your Lucky No. is 1

Dec 21, 2016


It is time for you to be more serious & open in romantic affair. If possible, ignore the sentiments of colleagues who openly criticize you. However talk to them to explain your stand when they are in a relaxed mood. Your Lucky Colour is Maroon Your Lucky No. is 6

Dec 21, 2016


You make some efforts to enhance mental toughness by imbibing positive thinking. It is most opportune time to invest in house and selected stocks. It is high time to learn the art of living to bring success and harmony in life. Your Lucky Colour is Saffron Your Lucky No. is 9


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