Your Day Today - Dec 11, 2016



Dec 11, 2016


There may be a possibility of falling into one of your spells of depression. Even if you do, make sure you get good company of friends who can pull you out of your deep dark vortex of negative thinking. Love and romance will throw a rosy glow that will make you smile. Your Lucky Colour is Violet Your Lucky No. is 6

Dec 11, 2016


You will have the energy you need to achieve all your goals. Your perseverance will help you even more to bring you the success you have been waiting for. Try to keep this mood alive. Your Lucky Colour is Indigo Your Lucky No. is 8

Dec 11, 2016


The day will be smooth and your relationship graph will remain steady and without any undulation. Your interaction with people will be beneficial for you and for them as well. You will have a peculiar carefree attitude throughout and your evening promises will be highly enjoyable. Your Lucky Colour is Blue Your Lucky No. is 4

Dec 11, 2016


New people you meet at work will open new doors for you today. Money matters will show a prosperous picture. Keep up your optimistic attitude; it will definitely help you in long term. Your Lucky Colour is Green Your Lucky No. is 2

Dec 11, 2016


Your quick wit will impress people you meet today. You may have difficulty accepting responsibilities that are given to you without prior notice. Make every effort to accept new patterns in life. Your Lucky Colour is Yellow Your Lucky No. is 1

Dec 11, 2016


You will be assertive today. You may not have any difficulty in making people listen to your ideas. Know what you had like to achieve in life. Your Lucky Colour is Orange Your Lucky No. is 3

Dec 11, 2016


Monetary gains are possible today, be more professional at work. You may feel a little isolated and will not consider things realistically. There is a tendency to revere someone. Your Lucky Colour is Red Your Lucky No. is 5

Dec 11, 2016


Your thoughts may not be in sync with your feelings and this could result in a clash of words. This is not the time to get into a close partnership, regardless of how alluring the prospect is. Short or long trips bring wonderful adventure. Your Lucky Colour is Emerald Your Lucky No. is 7

Dec 11, 2016


Understand your feelings and take responsibilities for the decisions you take today. You can demonstrate great understanding and sensitivity to the needs of other people. You may find it hard to control your emotions. Your Lucky Colour is Turquoise Your Lucky No. is 9

Dec 11, 2016


A good conversation is in need to those you love. You need to be aware of issues that can work in your favor. You will be completely disinterested if things don’t work in your favor and your colleagues will find you uncooperative. Your Lucky Colour is Pink Your Lucky No. is 8

Dec 11, 2016


The favourable position of planets will make this an eventful day today. Be ready to make sacrifices. Opponents may create tension at work, maintain privacy. Your Lucky Colour is Grey Your Lucky No. is 6

Dec 11, 2016


If you choose this day for reflection, your thoughtful mood will help you make your ideas real. Romance, recreation and creativity carry greater importance in life. You may feel the need to have people around you to get noticed. Your Lucky Colour is Crimson Your Lucky No. is 4


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