Pregnant Women Will Get Rs 6000: Modi

All pregnant women will get Rs 6000 in their bank accounts in an attempt to reduce child and woman mortality.

People have been very patient. In 1917, there was Gandhi’s Champaran Satyagraha. After 100 years too, there is value for honesty in India.  Today there is no Gandhi but his path is relevant. We will not let the fight for honesty stop. We have youth, ability, resources. Lets all come together and develop India.

There is quite a bit of debate by political parties. We should understand people’s sentiments. Let political parties not act holier than thou. Let us be transparent. There has been talk for simultaneous LS and Assembly polls. Now the time has come for a debate on this. People want digital payments now. The BHIM app was started  and I urge people to make use of it.  Let all scholars evaluate these policies of ours.

There are many senior citizens in india. We are starting a scheme for them.  For senior citizens on up to 7.5 lakh Rs deposit, yearly 8 pc interest will be there for 10 years.

Govt decided to give tax relief to small businessmen some time back.  Now on their digital transactions, tax will be calculated on 6% of their income. For pregnant women, a new scheme is being started. 6000 RS will be credited to women’s accounts for registration, delivery, vaccination, nutrition. To start with , only in 53 districts covered and only Rs 4000 will be given.


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