North East girl who was Kidnapped rescued just now from Mumbai

NE kidnaped girl rescued just now from Mumbai congested  area , she is undergoing medical treatment /check up at hospital. She is from Lohit District from Arunachal Pradesh,  lured by facebook friend as young man, but was an aged man , who kept her in unkown solitary confinement for many days .

I was informed by her relative from Wakro this morning only.

Detail investigation on by police. Have informed to his relative and lohit district police to send her relative to Mumbai for bringing her back to Arunachal Pradesh.

Thank you all for prayer.

IGP Robin Hibu IPS
Nodal officer for North East people, Delhi.

Missing report was posted today morning. Here it is:

NE lady in distress at Ahmednagar - NE PEOPLE nearby help her .
One young lady duped by an army man, who brought  brought her at Maharashtra for marriage, they had relationship while he was posted in NE .
Now after keeping her for months, he is assaulting her -regularly and keeping her in confinement and  also the army man is married and has children from first wife .
She fears, she may NE killed by them.
Though , I reassured her, she is in terrible shape and somehow contacted me.
If any NE is nearby Ahmednagar at maharashtra, please call her and visit her for help.
Her mobile is --+918149242376.

REQUEST ONLY NEARBY NE PEOPLE AT AHMEDNAGAR should call in this given number.
IGP Robin Hibu IPS
Nodal officer for North East people, Delhi. .


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