25 People Injured in Communal Clashes in Howrahs Dhulagarh Area of West Bengal

More than 25 people have been injured in clashes between two communities over a religious procession in Howrah’s Dhulagarh in West Bengal on Wednesday.

Dhulagarh, is just 28 kms from West Bengal’s capital Kolkata.  Tension erupted after an attack on the procession held to mark Eid-ul-Nabi. Houses and shops were burnt down in a retaliatory attack. Rioters carried bombs, due to which the police have to use tear gas to bring the situation under control.

Recently, 25 people have been arrested for disturbing the communal harmony of the city. According to reports, a BJP delegation went to the spot to take a stock of violence hit Dhulagarh’s situation.

Setting up barricades, police stopped the BJP leaders, few kilometers away from the actuation location, and engaged in a scuffle with them.

Amid the encounter with the cops, the BJP delegation left the place without visiting the village.


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