Several dead bodies of children found in Thailand with their organs removed

Yesterday at 8pm the Thailand Govt found a Van with 100’s of Malaysian dead childrens without Organs in their bodies. Their organs were removed n sold. The bodies are wraped in plastics. They were caught by the Thai govt.

Pls becareful with ur children wheather they are going to school, shoping, functions, playgrounds. Pls! Be with them. Dont trust any known or unknown people with your children. Do not let them play alone or go with strangers anywhere.

Take Care all childrens. Inform Police immediately if any childrens introuble or help them. Pls! Share with all ur contacts.

There are those who claim that this is a fake picture. Photoshopped, or using dolls. Unfortunately, the picture is genuine. However, they are not of Malaysian children who have had their organs harvested. Let us tell you what the truth is… but first, let’s take a look at the lack of logic in the claims.

A Van Cannot Possibly Carry A Hundred Dead Children
The first hoax claims that the Thai government found a van with hundreds of dead children. The second hoax has a more specific number – 700. But how many dead children do you think a van can carry?

Maybe a dozen. Maybe two dozen of them. But do you think a hundred can fit in a van? Yeah, now it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

We don't know this is hoax or real. Thought our readers should know about this, so we are sharing it here.


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