Rs 500/1000 Ban Effect - Panic spreads in Siliguri as markets go dry with Rs 100 notes

It's 2pm now and most pumps and retail outlets go out of stock with Rs 100/- denomination currency notes.

As we visited to buy some essentials at a grocery store, he refused to take Rs 1000/- notes. He further added that his dealers are not taking these denomination notes so what will he do with these notes.

After this we headed to another store, his reply was that he doesn't have any change (Rs 100/- notes). So we had to purchase goods worth Rs 500/- and got back 500 in return.

Now the turn of petrol pump came. Same was the reply at one of the outlets at Sevoke Road. Sir we don't have any change. You have to take fuel for a minimum of Rs 500/-. But since our scoty already had some fuel in it and Rs 500/- fuel would not fit, we left.

So as these instances, many people across the town, state and country are in delima. Hope some solutions come up soon.


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