Wednesday, 30 November 2016

61 camels worth 61 lakhs being brought illegally to Kishanganj from Delhi seized today

61 camels being brought from North India illegally seized at Khagra in Kishanganj today. The cattle is worth Rs 61 lakh. This was happening since 6 months and an NGO from Delhi had information on this. Today the Ngo gave precise information to District magistrate Pankaj Dikshit who with the help of local police seized the cattles.

Amit Kumar Das who is said to be the main culprit slipped from police hands. He escaped from the place before officials arrived.

This whole operation was done by CO Raman Singh and police officers by the order of district magistrate Pankaj Dikshit
News by Aakash Aryan for ILS from Kishanganj

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