Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Versatile Sikkim Musician Passes Away

One of the young versatile musician, lyricist, singer cum guitar maestro 39 years old Mr Pawan Cintury who have penned many songs , bhajans and composed many of them with own music is no more with us. He left for heavenly abode on 03 Oct at his residency in Jalipool East Sikkim.

एक सये भन्दा ज्यादा गीत ,भजनहरुमा स्वर र संगीतका धुनहरू प्रदान गरिसकेका  युवा संगीतकार जालिपुल पूर्व सिक्किम निवासी ३९ वर्षीय श्री पवन सिन्चुरी अब हामी बाट सदैवको निम्ती ओझल भए|

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