Komal Thatal from Sikkim, the youth who created Indian football history against Brazil

Komal Thatal, the magic feet wonder kid from West Sikkim will definitely make India Proud in the coming years. His recent performance, too, is nothing short of commendable. Komal Thatal also made history by becoming the first Indian Player to Score against Brazil in BRICs U 17 Tournament in Goa, a few days back. This No. 10 midfield player, a product of Namchi Football Academy, has proven his abilities in the match by his smooth handling of the ball and beating two defenders before putting it in the net. Watch below: Komal Thatal’s 18 min goal for U 17 Team India.

The match between India and Brazil, was a pensive one for India, and showed off how far India has come and how much more it needs to go and push forward to future successes. Despite the 3-1 loss for India, the Indian team considered it a “fantastic effort”, reports plus 55. Still, greater performances would be expected from the Indian Football team and Komal Thatal in the future.

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