Handicraft booms in Bengal but our Dooars craftsman gets appreciation but no support from govt

Kiran Biswakarma, locals call him Rupesh is a class 10 pass artisan / craftsman in Dooars who has been creating beautiful pieces of Handicrafts over a decade now.

Rupesh is 30 years and his hands have magic in them. Tourists from Europe, America and neighbouring countries visit him and take away some of his creations at times when they visit his hometown Madarihat.

Rupesh is the eldest among his 3 brothers and 1 sister and takes full responsibility of them, giving them proper education so that they can become something in life.

Seeing his awesome talent once Forest Minister Ananta Roy in CoochBehar has even awarded him in the past.

Rupesh parents Santabir Biswakarma and Ran Maya Biswakarma are old and Rupesh takes well care of them too. Somehow making ends meet, his life moves around his duties, responsibilities and work.

Dooars being the much neglected region of our area Rupesh seldom gets clients. Apart from creating these beautiful handicrafts he has no other business or source of Income.

Where Bengal accounts to be leading in the Handicraft industry, here the apathy can be seen.

Rupesh is from Hoolong Rail Gate area of Madarihat under Alipurduar district. He can be contacted at 9775401637.

ILS was deeply taken aback when we had a conversation with Rupesh today, to see our most valued art dying in a state where handicraft accounts for 17.83% of the total number in India. In urban India too, Bengal is high up the order, second only to Uttar Pradesh, with 14.1% of the total number of handicraft establishments.

Combining rural and urban India, West Bengal is the number one in India, accounting for 16.3% of the handicraft establishments.

Hope the government support's Rupesh so that this dying art survives.

Bijay Kafley, ILoveSiliguri


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