Final Year PhD Student From Manipur Found Dead in His JNU Hostel Room

A student from Manipur was found dead at the Prestigious Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi .

J R Philemon Raja, was was found dead in room no 171 of the Brahmaputra Hostel.

Jatung Raja Philemon Chiru was the Son of JR Engpu Chiru from Senapati, Manipur and was Residing in room no 171 Brahmaputra Hostel JNU.He was a 9B student in West Asian Studies (SIS)

“When a foul smell started emanating from the room, the student in the neighbouring room called other students and security and forcefully opened door. He was found dead in the room,” a senior police officer said about the incident.

Police said he had not been seen for the last three days.



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