4 years without kidneys and then the miracle - Subash M Singh from Kalimpong

Today 6th October is very special day for me as almost 4 years back I got my new life after my kidney transplant, 

Generally people don't wish to share their health related problems specially in social medias but I'm sharing mine to encourage ailing persons or their families which would definitely give them moral support and hope that Life Is Possible even though you're suffering from life threatening disease or ailment. I lived almost 4 years with Kidney Failure, stayed 3 1/2 years in Dialysis to maintain my health till my kidney transplant on 6th of October, 2013 at Belle Vue Clinic in Kolkata.

I lived without renal function for almost 4 years I was lucky to live that long years which is perhaps not possible for everyone.

Kidney Failure was a new disease for me and my family. I though I'll be alright considering my body status so waited for almost 1 year for recovery. But I was wrong and finally me and my family decided to go for  KTx (Kidney Transplant) but due to my blood Rh factor, I couldn't received Kidney from my family members then, but now it's possible today due to the advancement of Medical Science. To find out medically able Donor to donate Kidney was another challenge for the transplant but out of 3 Donors last one was medically fit to donate and my transplant was possible due to which I exist in this beautiful world as a Specially Abled person. The procedure was quite expensive affair but some how we managed it.

I would like to tell the reader of my blog that Kidney Transplant is possible for BPL families also. We think it's an expensive treatment but timely intervention, correct guidance and of course support from the family, friends, community they belong and societies where they live and medical assistance schemes of State and Central Governments.

These days I give consultation to the person living with Kidney ailment and other major decease on the basis of the experience I've gathered with my own life.

Considering the present scenario of our society where people don't have adequate medical facility and specially for those helpless people I thought why not to have an organisation dedicated to the helpless people where all corners of societies can come together and support the helpless people in every aspect so with my friends I've commenced a Public Charitable Trust called Mani Trust . I hope we can do more and more activities to keep dying people alive with our humane efforts. 

I specially thank my Father, Mom who just passed away on 23rd of August, 2015, my lovely wife Reshma & children Shaan , Shaurya & Swarna Saina, my sister- bother-in law Sunita and Prabodh, brother and sister-in-laws Suresh snd Archana and all well wishers for their prayer support for this day.

I walked 9 kms from Kalimpong to Relli River on my first anniversary of my kidney transplant on 6th of October, 2014 to test myself.

I walked 18 kms to Teesta River Tribeni on second anniversary on 6th of October, 2015.

I'm out of station today but will walk on World kidney Day on 6th of March, 2017 for a cause.

Congrats Subash sir.. thanks for being such an inspiration.


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