Wild Bear attacks a woman in paddy field at Lachung, Bitchu Busty in Sikkim today morning

At around 09:25 AM, on 11/09/2016 today morning, Mrs. Chuney Doma Lachungpa (38 years of age), w/o Mr. Rinchen Ongay Lachungpa (Bhutia), was attacked and severely injured by a wild bear in the forecourt of her residence at Bi Chu, Lachung.

Upon hearing her cries for help, Mr. Tshewang Thinlay Lachungpa, who was nearby, arrived at the scene and saw the bear mauling the victim.

He then picked up a metal rod and attacked the bear. He struck the bear twice on its back, upon which, the bear let go of the victim and escaped the scene.

The victim was given immediate medical treatment at 2 Kumaon, Army Field Dispensary at Shakomeh (Lanka), Lachung. She was then referred to PHC, Chungthang for further treatment.

We commend this act of bravery displayed by Mr. Tshewang Thinlay Lachungpa which undoubtedly helped in saving the life of the victim.


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