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Been 5 years Darjeeling Hills 2011 earthquake victims still to receive promised financial aid

Since the devastating earthquake of 2011, chief minister Miss Mamata Banerjee has visited Darjeeling Hills several times but the financial aids, which she had announced the very next day of the earthquake for the victims, are yet to be distributed and reach the genuine victims in the hills.

On 18 September 2011, a devastating earthquake had hit almost all the northern parts of North Bengal and Sikkim including Darjeeling hills. In Kurseong,one person was killed and several others injured.

In the meantime, to help the victims, during that time several hands came forward.

On the very next day of the earthquake, the chief minister had visited Kurseong to take stock of the situation and assured that every possible help will be provided to the victims, anid had even announced a compensation of Rs 2,00,000 each for the deceased family members and Rs 50,000 for the injured persons.

Accordingly, later one dead and several others injured had been given compensation in Kurseong but at the same time there are still a few other victims, who are yet to receive the government's monetary aids.

Mrs. Anita Devi (34) and her now eight year old daughter, Anjali Kumari, resident of Dhobi Khola, Kurseong are among the victims who had been badly injured in the earthquake and they had also been hospitalized.

But despite the frequent visits and submission of related documents by the victims to the department concerned, they have not been provided with any government aids so far.

Mrs. Devi said, We come from a poor family and our only source of sustenance is from my husband who runs a small business. In the devastating earthquake, I and my now eight year old daughter had received severe injuries. My daughter had suffered severe head injuries while I am still suffering from backbone problems that I got due to the earthquake. For my daughter's medical diagnosis, I had taken loans from several people which is weighing on me presently. If the announced government aid is given to me, it will be a good and will be of great help for to us. However, so far I have not received any monetary aid as announced by the government even after having visited many offices concerned, one after the other seeking the announced monetary compensation."

Importantly during the incident, these two victims' photo sand visuals were the headlines of the print and electronic media but unfortunately they are the ones who are yet to receive the aid announced by the state government. As per the district administration sources, they have already released several crores of rupees for the earthquakes victims in the hills but even then there are some more victims, who are yet to receive any financial aids as announced by the chief minister.


Cool deal for Bagdogra fliers this summer

The number of daily flights to north Bengal, which serves as the gateway to Darjeeling, Sikkim and the Dooars, is set to increase to 11 from seven over the next couple of months.

While IndiGo and SpiceJet operate two flights each and Jet Airways, Air India and Go Air have a daily connection, IndiGo is increasing its frequency to four a day. Jet is set to add one and Air Asia will start flights on the sector from February 19.

The flight timings are also crucial. Unlike now, when the first connection to Bagdogra from the city lands at 11.40am and the last flight out of there is at 4.30pm, one will be able to reach Bagdogra as early as 7.40am on a Jet Airways flight. The last flight out is at 4.50pm.

"Bagdogra is set to become one of the busiest airports in the region with 13 daily flights to Delhi, three to Guwahati and one each to Mumbai and Hyderabad," said Bagdogra airport director Rakesh Sahay.

The increase in flight frequency also poses a challenge as the terminal has a capacity of only 7 lakh. With 13 arrivals and 11 departures scheduled in two hours (12pm-2pm), the facility will face pressure.

To keep the show going, AAI is increasing the housekeeping staff from 14 to 28, apart from adding a new door-frame metal detector. But with the number of X-ray machines remaining constant, passengers could be in for a long wait.

Sahay hopes the flights will get spread out when Category II Instrument Landing System (ILS) is operational by mid-2017. The ILS will enable flights to operate from 7am," he said. Travel Agents' Federation of India chairman (east) Anil Punjabi expects the increase in flights to bring down return fares from Rs 8,000-10,000 to Rs 4,500-5,000 in summer. Transport secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay said the key reasons for the surge in number of flights was the state's incentive to do away with VAT on aviation fuel.

West Bengal - In molestation bid woman pushed from running train when she protested

A woman was allegedly pushed off a running train by few men for trying to save herself from molestation in West Bengal's North 24 Parganas district on Monday late night, reports said.

According to reports, the woman, who is a resident of Mathurapur in the same district, was returning home from Basirhat by Down Hasnabad local.

Few men, who boarded the train later,  allegedly started teasing her with abusive words and gesture and when the woman protested against it and tried to save herself, one of those men pushed her out of the moving train.

Locals on Tuesday morning rescued the woman in an unconscious state from a land beside railway tracks between Harua Road and Bhasila stations.

Sustaining severe head and leg injuries, the woman is being treated at Barasat Hospital in a serious condition, reports said.

Police have started probe into the matter, while none has been arrested in connection with the case so far.

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Sikkim Rangpo Mela Incident Update - Two Persons Arrested, Rotiping Sealed by Police

Rangpo Mela incharge and Roti Ping operator has been arrested so far by Rangpo Police in connection with deceased 4 year old boy child who died after falling from Roti Ping last night at Rangpo Mela.

Rangpo Mela organisers has a permit to run Mela till 28th January but it is very likely to be closed from today. Investigations is being carried out by Rangpo Police and more shall be arrested who are responsible for negligence in the death of 4 year old baby boy Jashin Rai.

Man Hacks Wife to Death in Sikkim

A 39-Year old woman was hacked to death allegedly by her husband at Gaucharan Amalay Sagbari Megyong, West Sikkim on Monday afternoon. The alleged husband identified as Lalit Rai absconded from the area after commission of crime.

Gyalshing Police have registered a case of murder against alleged Lalit Rai and efforts are being made to apprehend him and bring him to justice.

Two accused arrested for sexually assaulting a minor girl in Sikkim for over two years

Duo resident of resident of Sakyong, Upper Omglop West Sikkim arrested by Gyezing Police on 23 Jan.

1. Chandra Bdr Rai age 75 years
2. Yes Tshering Bhutia age 67 years

Minor was repeatedly sexually assaulted since two years by above accused and threatened of dire consequences as well as threatened to harm family minor's members. Frightened minor finally told her father on 22 Jan all about it.

Monday, 23 January 2017

The Last One - A Real Life True Story Based on Himalayan Gym at Salbari near Siliguri

Unlike most of us his days always begun with the disturbing pitch of his cellphone's alarm at 5 AM. He wanted to sleep more, he wanted to turn over few times and cuddle inside his warm blankets and live in it feeling heavenly few more minutes, few more seconds but No! He had a dream, he had responsibilities and he had to fulfil it no matter how loving the mattress and the blanket seemed.

He lived in a rented apartment in Salbari about 25 minutes walk away from the town with two of his friends. He came to Siliguri far from his family to work on his dream, taking small steps each day nearer to it. He had started to work in Salbari Himalayan Gym as a trainer. This job was a gift from his trainer Mr. Jairaj Pradhan, the co-owner of the gym, a young tall muscular man, a certified trainer and a bodybuilder himself. It was under this gentleman's care he go into to fitness, definitely a building block to his dream, the dream to be an actor.

Every morning he woke up early sacrificing his sleep, walked those dusty roads, opened the gym at 6:30 AM, set in order the place and waited as members came in until at 10 AM he closed it. Again in the evening from 4:30 PM to 9 PM he would be there rendering services to all. While his friends were busy going around the town, drinking, watching movies, enjoying dinner he had to crumble his heart and say No, not because he didn't want to but because his dream was more important than those delicacies.

He attended each one in the gym, giving them the encouragement for the day. Each day he would chant positive words into their ears and he did this in such humble note that they use to listen him with their hearts more and that is why they loved him.

He would often say, "come on!, you can do it", "today you did better than yesterday", with a smile on his face he would go to each one and lightly lift the bars for them and say in his most encouraging tone, his favourite line, "The last one", and they would cry out in agony but filled with his hope in them they would give their last best push.

The irony that never surfaced behind those smiles was that no one attend him, there wouldn't be anyone who would whisper those words of encouragements to him. There wouldn't be anyone to count the numbers when he did his pushes nor any one to hold the bar when he pulled.

When it came to his turn to workout and for his dream and life itself he was always on his own. He too needed someone, a voice in the ears that would encourage, the voice that would whisper, "the last one".

There were many in the gym to talk to but none so deep to share moments. Everyone one would come, say their hi's, shake their hands, do their exercises and leave. One by one each one would leave until he would be left alone. Everyday he would hope if there there was someone who would be there to be with him to share moments, encourage him and support him.

He would look at the mirror and smile but only he knew the huge burden beneath that smile. The burden of becoming someone, the burden of fulfilling his dreams, the burden of not being in a real earning job, the burden of family's hope in him. Many came into his life as friends, brothers, family even as soul mates but none stood with him in his dreams. They left him because as time clocked their hope in him diminished and promises were broken and they excused away. But no matter how lonely was he, how uncounted he felt he was determined to get to his goals and it was not to prove to anyone but to prove to himself, to justify his inner self, to one fine day be able to look at himself in the mirror and say, "yes I did it, I didn't give up".

But may be this time was giving him a break, it was evening session, the gym was half full with boys and girls puffing and grunting on their weights. Loud rock metal music on the protein supplement shelf at the corner of the gym was blaring and he was as usual attending the house.

There was a knock on the brown wooden door but no one heard it, people where all busy burning their muscles and it took few slaps on the door with her palm until she had gained everyone's attention. There stood on the green foot mat at the door girl so pretty probably no one in the gym has seen before. She wore a wide pretty smile with a dimple on her right cheek. She was in her black sweat pants and grey jumper, she had dyed her hair golden and had it pony tailed. She was probably 5 feet 6 inches.

As they stared at her everyone in the gym stood dead still, even the loud metal rock turned to a slow soft romantic music in their ears and all they could hear was her soft sweet voice with her beautiful eyelashes beating in slow motion, "may I know who is the trainer in here? I would like to speak to him". Like she knew whom she had to look she looked directly at him, and like he knew she would be coming too looked directly at her his legs involuntarily took him toward her. Half lost in the new rhythm of the music playing in his head, he replied, "it's me, Milan here, Nice to meet you", and stretched out his muscular hand for the shake. She too offered her soft little hands and as they shook they talked over her admission while the rest of the members occasionally stared at them directly and few in the reflection in that big mirror right next to the gym door. The whole gym seemed like they had their fingers crossed over her admission.

After she left there was an odd silence in everyone's eye though there was loud music thundering. Everyone wanted to know what they talked, everyone wanted to ask, he could see those questions painted in their faces but the only answer he could give was a smile and went back to assist the boy at the inclined bench press. All the while he was still holding that smile in his face, he didn't know whether it was love at first sight (because it was not just about her looks but her voice it was so loving and soothing ) or just a feeling of talking to someone so warm, only time could tell that but then he sure did felt good.

He held the bar for the boy, counted his regular four sets and lost in her charm he stared at the blue carpet like a fool, smiled and said it this time with a deeper purity in his voice, "the last one".

P.S thanks to Mr. Jairaj Pradhan and Mr. Milan  for letting me visit the gym and write this story.

Ccir Cyrus Gurung

Regular torture results in death of a man in Siliguri, killed by his own wife, mother and sister

Govind Das (31yrs) wife, mother and sister were arrested by Bhaktinagar police for hacking Govind to death. The trio have confessed to their crime and were produced before the court and taken into custody.

The trio said they killed Govind because he would come home every night drunk and beat them and also the kids. This time they lost their patience and hacked him to death. Incident took place at Narayan Nagar under Ashighar outpost.

Blood Donation Campaign - Big Companies Dropped Letter A, B and O from their Logos

The letters A, B, and O went missing from logos and signs of the biggest companies in the world.

The organization NHS Blood and Transplant and PR agency Engine Group launched the hashtag ’#MissingType’ campaign, asking companies to drop the letters that signify blood types from their logos.

This campaign aimed to warn about the 30% decrease in blood donors over the last decade and to encourage more people to become blood donors for National Blood Week.

The campaign ran from August 16 to August 21 in 2016, across 21 countries. It also brought together 25 blood services from participating countries including the US, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Ireland and Canada.

A number of notable companies and landmarks joined the cause.

Brands such as Google, Microsoft, Santander, Tesco, and even cities like Amsterdam and Toronto have removed the letters A, B, and O from their logos and landmarks to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation.

The campaign succeeded: in just 10 days after it launched, a record 30,000 new donors had signed up. Every two seconds someone across the world needs a life-saving blood transfusion.

Darjeeling man killed in Punjab accident

A native of Darjeeling working in Kharar of Mohali in Punjab succumbed to his injuries two days after being allegedly hit by a motorcyclist in Sector 43 and 52, 44-year-old Sukhbir Subba, a native of Darjeeling, West Bengal succumbed to his injuries at the PGIMER on Monday. 

He was injured in a road accident after being hit by a speeding motorcycle at the road dividing Sectors 43 and 52.

The victim, identified as 44-year-old Sukhbir Subba, was injured on January 21 after being hit by a motorcycle driven by Pargat Singh, a native of Punjab. 

Sources said the victim a native of Darjeeling, West Bengal. Subba stayed at Burail in Sector 45 and worked at a hotel in Kharar. On the day of the incident, the victim was coming from Kajheri in Sector 52 when the accident took place.

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